“If you could invite anyone famous to dinner who would it be?” This question has been at the crux of my Life’s work in embroidery. Once my work is done and the last portrait complete, all portraits combined will represent a panoply imagining the greatest Dinner Party of all time. Here it is. The List. A running compilation of whose portrait I have embroidered and who is still to make an appearance in my hoop. The names which are colored are completed portraits. The number at the right of the name tells the number of appearances they have made in finished portraiture.


Adams, John (5)
Adams, Abigail (4)
Admiral Lord Nelson
Albert, Prince Consort (2)
Alighieri, Dante (2)
Amin, Idi
Andrews Sisters, The
Anne of Cleves (2)
Anthony, Susan B. (2)
Arp, Jean
Alcott, Louisa May (2)
Arbuckle, Fatty
Armstrong, Louis
Arthur, Chester A.
Astaire, Fred
Austen, Jane (2)
Ball, Lucille (2)
de Balzac, Honore
Barnum, P.T.
Barrow, Clyde
de Beauharnais, Josephine
Beckett, Samuel
Blake, William
Boleyn, Anne
Bosch, Hieronymous
Bow, Clara
Bronte, Anne
Bronte, Charlotte (2)
Bronte, Emily
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
Browning, Robert
Calloway Cab
Capote, Truman
Carpenter, Karen
Catherine of Aragon
Catherine the Great
Chanel, Coco
Chaplin, Charlie
Charles II of England
Charles II of Spain
Chekov, Anton
Chisholm, Shirley
Chopin, Frederic
Christie, Agatha
Clemenceau, Georges Benjamin
Cleveland, Grover (2)
Cleveland (Preston), Frances Clara Folsom
Colbert, Claudette
Coleridge, Samuel
Coolidge, Calvin
Coward, Noel
Crawford, Joan
Crosby, Bing
Dali, Salvador
Dandridge, Dorothy
Darwin, Charles
Davis, Bette
Day, Doris
David, Jacques-Louis
Debussy, Claude
Degas, Edgar
DeKooning, Willem
Dickens, Charles
Dickinson, Emily (2)
Disney, Walt
Duke, Doris
Duke of Wellington
Eisenhower, Dwight (2)
Eisenhower, Mamie (3)
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Eliot, George
Elizabeth, Queen of England
Falwell, Jerry
Faulkner, William
Ferber, Edna
Field, Eugene
Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Forster, E.M.
Frank, Anne
Franklin, Benjamin
Gable, Clark
Garland, Judy
George IV of England
Handel, George Frideric
Harlow, Jean
Hemingway, Ernest
Henry V of England
Henry VIII of England
Hitchcock, Alfred
Hoover, J. Edgar (2)
Hoover, Lou Henry (2)
Houston, Whitney
Howard, Catherine
Hudson, Rock
Hughes, Howard
Hugo, Victor
James I of England
Jefferson, Thomas (2)
Joan of Arc
Jolly Green Giant
Judas Iscariot
Keaton, Buster
Keats, John
Kelly, Gene
Kennedy, Jacqueline (4)
Kennedy, John F.
Kinsey, Dr. Alfred
Lady Emma Hamilton
Lady Jane Grey
Lincoln, Abraham (2)
Lindbergh, Charles
Lodge, Henry Cabot
Louis XV of France
Louis XVI of France
Lord Byron (3)
Madame du Barry
Madame du Pompadour
Malcolm X.
Marie Louise of Austria
McAllister, Judy
McKinley, Ida Saxton
McKinley, Wm. (2)
Mitchell, Margaret
Monroe, James (2)
Monroe, Marilyn (2)
Mother Teresa
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Nightingale, Florence
Nixon, Richard (2)
O’Neill, Eugene
Parker, Bonnie
Parker Dorothy
Parr, Katherine
Peron, Eva de
Pickford, Mary
Plath, Sylvia (2)
Pollock, Jackson
Pope, Alexander
Queen Elizabeth II, HM (7)
Reagan, Ronald
Reagan, Nancy (2)
Rockefeller, John D.
Rogers, Ginger
Rogers, Will
Rooney, Mickey
Roosevelt, Edith Kermit Carow
Roosevelt, Eleanor (3)
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (2)
Roosevelt, Theodore (2)
Sand, George
Seymour, Jane
Scott, Dred
Shakespeare, Wm.
Shaw, Geo. Bernard
Shelley, Percy Bysshe (2)
Simpson, Wallis
St. John the Baptist
Stein, Gertrude
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Stewart, Jimmy
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Stravinsky, Igor
Swanson, Gloria
Taft, Helen Louise Nelly Herron
Taft, Howard
Tarbell, Ida
Taylor, Elizabeth
Tchaikovsky, Pytor Illyich
Temple, Shirley
Thatcher, Margaret
Tiffany, Louis Comfort
Toklas, Alice B.
Tolson, Clyde
Truman, Bess (2)
Tumulty, Joseph Patrick
Valentino, Rudolph
Victoria, Queen of England (2)
da Vinci, Leonardo
Warhol, Andy
Washington, George (3)
Washington, Martha (2)
Welty, Eudora
Weissmuller, Johnny
Wilde, Oscar (2)
Wilder, Thornton
Wilson, Edith Bolling Galt
Wilson, Woodrow (3)
Woolf, Virginia
Wordsworth, William
Wright, Frank Lloyd